Premier Electric Motors, Inc is operating in North Idaho and the surrounding region. PEM offers electric motor repair, rebuild, and refurbishing services along with a complete line of new motors. These services and motors are offered to you at PEM with good quality and customer service in mind.

PEM Offers Complete Service for:

  • Industrial Motors
  • Mining Motors
  • AC and DC Motors
  • Pump Repairs

Unscheduled downtime can be devastating to a company . . . And Its Profits!
With downtime costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per minute in industries, it doesn't take long to lose profits and customers. That is why we are dedicated to getting your electric motor repaired as quickly as possible.

At PEM we recognize the value of quality electric motor rebuild services, and how complete motor testing can help reduce unscheduled downtime. With PEM experience and testing capabilities, critical flaws can be identified early, and our quality work can prevent your costly downtime.

After receiving a motor, each unit is completely disassembled. Every component is then individually inspected and tested mechanically as well as electrically. Worn or defective parts are either replaced or rebuilt to EASA standards. As each unit is repaired and assembled, tests are performed at every possible step. Once completely assembled, every motor goes through a test run before it leaves our facility. It is this attention to every detail of an electric motor that adds up to an overall quality rebuild. We believe that quality emerges through attitude, desire, and attention to all details. As a member of EASA we maintain strict standards for quality repair and service. Whenever possible we like to give our customers the Repair vs. Replacement option. This allows you to decide which makes the most sense for your application, time-line, and budget. In many situations after a motor has been sent to us for repair it is discovered to have more problems than first thought. In this situation it could ultimately cost more to repair than replace. PEM maintains a large stock of new motors for sale. This gives our customers the option of replacing a motor, rather than paying more to repair the original.





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